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Let's do Safety, Together.

World-first tech,

for peace of mind.

The Commsync FirstAlert is a unique Australian safety solution that connects those we are worried about, to friends, family, colleagues and community who can respond to their need - quickly and reliably.

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Your People.

Your Plan.

Your Device.

We bring together your personal support network, plan collaboratively to respond to your need and upload your plan to your wearable device, giving you discreet control over your safety.

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Don't stigmatise safety,

Empower it.

The Commsync FirstAlert is built from listening to the voices of those with lived experience of needing to be safe. 

We mobilise and activate relationships who are part of your authentic plan for peace of mind.

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We definitely felt much safer… I was able to access my support straight away, and immediately, emotionally I felt better.




Team Safety

Lone Worker

Child Safety

Elderly Safety

Family violence

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Let's do

Safety, Together. 

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