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Commsync is a socially-minded,

relational tech organisation.


Tom O'Neill

Commsync CEO

We believe the power of relationships and accessibility of modern technology, when brought together, help communities transform solutions to our biggest problems.


We exist to listen, we have tools to innovate and we walk alongside you to ensure our unique technology can add value to your safety and peace of mind.

We were founded in South East Queensland, Australia. And we are proud to be part of our community.

Let's do Safety, Together.


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We exist to harness technology solutions that empower relationships to create safety for everyone. 

Our Purpose

Happy Children

We believe technology is helpful, but how you experience it is life-changing.

Because we listened to those who want to be safe, our technology is unique, responds to their need and maximises safety. 

Feel First, tech second.

Our Difference


Commsync currently provides safety solutions to:

  • In-home and outreach community teams

  • Shift, lone and remote workers

  • Health and Hospital teams

  • Parents of young and adolescent children

  • Elderly and Aged Care

  • Families experiencing violence

  • Those with a disability or other unique need

Ways we can help